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      Bishop of Milan from 374 to 397; born probably 340, at Trier, Arles, or Lyons; died 4 April, 397. He was one of the most illustrious Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and fitly chosen, together with
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  • Welcome to St. Albert of Trapani

    Do you attend Mass at St. Albert of Trapani?
    Would you consider yourself part of the St. Albert family?

    If so, one important question to ask is “am I registered” with the parish?

    If you are unsure, contact the office to confirm. If you know you haven’t completed registration, that’s an easy fix. Click here to register online, or kindly visit the parish office.

    Why is it important?

    Typically, registration becomes a topic when you are in need of a sacrament. It’s always a nice thing to ensure you are registered sooner than later. During important spiritual events like weddings and baptisms, you have many things to plan. Ensure registration is taken care of ahead of time.

    Want to know more about the St. Albert of Trapani parish? --> click here

    Want to know more about St. Albert of Trapani, our Patron Saint? --> click here

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